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Welcome to, where you can come to find the best products available that are not made in China. 

Who am I? I’m just a blogger who got a little tired of searching “not made in China” and finding sites that were outdated, misleading, and just plain wrong. My goal here is to do my homework in finding authentic products not made in China for those out there who are looking. 

I don’t condone racism on this site toward anyone–in fact, I’ll come out and say that I don’t hold ill will towards any of people of China (which include both my parents). The real culpability, frankly, lies with Western companies who put profits over everything else, as well as with consumers who want to do the right thing but feel powerless. Its this latter group who I’m building this site for. 

One thing I do welcome with open arms are people who take pride in their own countries and aren’t shy about supporting pride in craftsmanship and the impact that manufacturing has on local communities.

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Thanks, and enjoy the blog! 

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Best Cookware Not Made in China

  • Aug 02, 2021
  • No Comments

Countries like the USA and France who pioneered innovations in cookware are thankfully still producing the best of the best, but a market flooded with cheap China-made copycats is threatening them.

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Best Baby Toys Not Made in China

  • Jul 26, 2021
  • No Comments

You would think after all the horror stories of products coming out of China with serious and dangerous safety issues that we'd at least protect the most vulnerable among us. But you'd be wrong.

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Health and Beauty

Best Hand Sanitizer Not Made in China

  • Jul 21, 2021
  • No Comments

As terrible as the 2020 pandemic was, one positive coming out of it was seeing the high quality of American made hand sanitizer, and consumers who

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Health and Beauty

Best Face Masks Not Made in China

  • Jul 16, 2021
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One positive unintended consequence of the pandemic was that it showed how agile American manufacturing could be in responding to a crisis. Will American consumers step up next?

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Best Laptops Not Made in China

  • Jul 11, 2021
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The laptop industry is much different than it used to be. Most laptops you see are manufactured by a handful of original design manufacturers, and most of them start life in China. We find the ones that proudly remain not

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find products not made in china is dedicated to to helping people find alternatives to products manufactured in China. While we love free market capitalism, we also recognize that in their unbridled quest for maximum profits, American and European companies have looked the other way with regards to the CCP’s record on human rights, the environment, consumer product safety, quality control, and intellectual property rights. They have also abandoned communities within their own countries who take pride in crafting and manufacturing high quality products. For more about us, visit the About Us page.