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Welcome to NoToChina.org, where you can come to find the best products available that are not made in China.

Imagine if you saw a product in a store that had a label that read “A portion of proceeds from purchases of this product will go to support the Communist Party of China”. Would you buy it? Of course not!

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And yet, every time you purchase a product made in China, that’s exactly what you’re doing. At least 50% of the money you pay goes (via corporate taxes) directly to fund the China Communist Party’s arms production and military aggression, labor camps for their own people from Hong Kong to Xinjiang to Tibet, their surveillance state, their scientific “research” on things like bat viruses, their state-controlled propaganda, and their wanton disregard for worker’s rights, animal rights, intellectual property law, and the environment.

And that’s on top of the 50% that every worker in China, from the factory worker to the top executives, pays in income taxes.

And so if you’ve come to this site, you’re looking for an alternative to stuff made in China. And happily, there’s still some stuff out there. You just need to know where and how to look.

Who am I? I’m just a blogger who got a little tired of searching “not made in China” and finding sites that were outdated, misleading, and just plain wrong.

My goal on this site is ultimately to be the “Consumer Reports” or “Wirecutter” of Not Made in China products. Sadly, most consumer review sites don’t even bother to look at country of origin, mainly because like the rest of society they’ve been brainwashed into thinking that it doesn’t matter. But it does.

I should say that I don’t condone racism on this site toward anyone–in fact, I’ll come out and say that I don’t hold ill will towards any of people of China (which include both my parents). On the other hand, I also reject the notion that boycotting China’s corrupt government is in any way “racist”. Anyone suggesting this to you is not being honest.

The real culpability, frankly, lies with Western companies and politicians who since 2003 have put their personal fortunes over everything else, including making it easy for consumers to make our own choices. In my own little way, I’m just hoping to arm you with information that the Amazons and Walmarts of the world should be giving you.

Like what we’re trying to do here? Be sure to follow us on social media, and to share any information you find helpful!

Thanks, and enjoy the blog!

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Stuff Not Made in China on Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2022

  • Nov 27, 2022

Love Amazon but hate that they've single-handedly empowered the dominance of China and the CCP since the 1990s? Send a message by buying great products not made in China on Prime Day.

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Best Air Fryers Not Made in China

  • Nov 26, 2022

Air fryers are practically impossible to find if they're not made in China. But a promising brand is worth looking at if you're committed to avoiding China manufactured products.

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Best Vacuum Cleaners Not Made in China

  • Nov 26, 2022

America pioneered and perfected the art of making and selling vacuum cleaners, and then gave it all away to China. But there are still options.

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Best Cell Phones Not Made in China

  • Nov 17, 2022

Happily, unlike with other consumer electronics, there is still a huge variety of smartphones you can buy that have never seen inside the borders of communist China, including the best of the best.

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Stuff Not Made in China on Amazon Early Access Day 2022

  • Oct 11, 2022

Love Amazon but hate that they've single-handedly empowered the dominance of China and the CCP since the 1990s? Send a message by buying great products not made in China on Prime Day.

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Best Dog Food Not Made in China

  • Oct 01, 2022

2007 was a seminal year. China was directly responsible for the deaths of thousands of pets due to contaminated dog food. The PR machines of the CCP and IS corporations made you forget. But we won't.

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Power Banks and Phone Cables Not Made in China

  • Sep 15, 2022

One category of product I thought was long lost to China is a product I use every day--smartphone extended batteries and cables. Happy to report there are still options.

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Apple Products Not Made in China

  • Sep 08, 2022

Everyone knows about Apple's unholy alliance with China. But they're beginning to show signs of finally diversifying their supply chain.

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NoToChina.org is dedicated to to helping people find alternatives to products manufactured in China. While we love free market capitalism, we also recognize that in their unbridled quest for maximum profits, American and European companies have looked the other way with regards to the CCP’s record on human rights, the environment, consumer product safety, quality control, and intellectual property rights. They have also abandoned communities within their own countries who take pride in crafting and manufacturing high quality products. For more about us, visit the About Us page.