Best Blood Pressure Monitors Not Made in China

Best Blood Pressure Monitors Not Made in China

I’m not sure why it took me so long to get to writing this article, as finding a good NMIC blood pressure monitor has been somewhat of an obsession of mine for some time, since I was first diagnosed with hypertension many years ago.

This is a good example of how cheap China manufacturing has completely ruined what was once a reliable industry. Go to Amazon and you’ll see page after page of fake brand littering the pages. You can put money on the fact that most of them will stop working within a year, or will never be accurate in the first place (and sadly, many people do).

Brands like Withings, Beurer, and iHealth have sold out to China manufacturing a long time ago. Is it any wonder that the counterfeit products you see are suspiciously like theirs?

Just compare this iHealth to this MMIZOO. With the exception of the brand name, both are essentially the same device, probably made by the same China factory. Not how the MMIZOO happens to be a full $6 less than the brand name one, and how mysteriously they have double the number of rave reviews. China manufacturers count on the cluelessness of American consumers, and we rarely disappoint.

Not surprising, there’s one brand I found that consistently ranks at the top of lists for accuracy: Omron. That’s also the brand that still makes its units in Vietnam and in Japan. If you buy from them, you’re still getting quality. If you buy from a brand that manufactures in China, you may as well get the exact same garbage without their brand name.


Best Blood Pressure Monitors Not Made in China

1. Omron Platinum Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

There’s really only one name you need to look at when it comes to the best blood pressure monitors: Omron. Omron is a Japanese electronics company based out of Kyoto that produces everything from robots to security cameras to ATM machines. They also develop medical devices for home and professional use. They’re not immune to the made in China virus (their digital thermometers and digital scales are made there), but happily their blood pressure monitors aren’t.

This series of upper arm blood pressure monitors is made in Vietnam. The Platinum version (which I got for myself) was rated the highest by Consumer Reports for accuracy, convenience, and comfort, scoring a 5/5 for accuracy. It’s got Bluetooth connectivity, stores blood pressure readings for 2 users, and meets the “Validated Device Listing” criteria for clinical accuracy (a service by the American Medical Association largely in reaction to China manufacturers dumping substandard products on the American public.

I recently brought this unit to my doctor’s office, and he confirmed that it was accurate.

If you don’t need the bells and whistles of the Platinum unit (mainly the ability to store readings for two users), you should be fine with the Silver or Bronze versions, which are just as accurate but cost much less.

2. Omron Evolv BP7000 Blood Pressure Monitor

This Omron unit is just as accurate as the ones listed above, but it’s amazingly lightweight and portable. There are no tubes, wires, or plugs to get tangled up in. Just put the unit over your upper arm (it’s powered by four AA batteries), press a button, and get an accurate reading.

You can link it to your Omron app via Bluetooth and from there it’ll transfer your readings to Apple Health or Samsung Health, allowing you to keep a running record of your readings over time.

This unit is actually still made in Japan. It’s clear from the design and the craftsmanship that Omron still takes a lot of pride and care in its products and in its Japanese manufacturing.

3. Fora P30 Plus Medical Grade Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

I love that my Fora thermometer is made in Taiwan, and so is this blood pressure monitor. It stands out from the rest because of its whisper-quiet operation (good for discreetly checking your BP in public) and uses a unique algorithm to take three measurements in 20 seconds and average them (taking additional readings if the difference between readings is too great).

Fora is another of those companies that makes a lot of things in China, but some things still outside of China. By buying the stuff they don’t make in China, you’re sending a strong message to them not to abandon Taiwan manufacturers (and you’re getting the best quality product to boot).

4. A&D Medical UA-767F Blood Pressure Monitor

The only other manufacturer to score above 80/100 with Consumer Reports was A&D, another Japanese company. This is one of their highest rated models, and it also meets the “Validated Device Listing” standards of the AMA.

These units had been made in China for many years, but since 2020 it looks like they’re being made in Vietnam, likely another positive result of the 2018 tariffs. If you’re lucky enough to find a listing online with the model number UA767-JP, grab it—these are made in Japan. Otherwise, the 767-F should be made in Vietnam.

This Amazon listing allows you to purchase the unit directly from A&D. Since this is non-returnable, I’d suggest reaching out to the seller directly and asking point-blank where it’s made. If they tell you Vietnam or Japan, buy it. Otherwise, move on to an Omron or Fora.


It’s sad to see how many American brands have gone to China and stuck there even with the 2018 tariffs. Even worse, a lot of them use gimmicks to appeal to consumers, like slick designs, heavy advertising, or fancy apps. But when it comes to a blood pressure monitor, reliability, consistency, and accuracy are the most important things, and you’re not going to get those from China manufacturing.

Do you know of other Blood Pressure Monitors not made in China? Please share it in the comments!

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