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If you've shopped on Amazon or Target you've probably already noticed something. There is almost nothing you can get that was not made in China. Clothes, electronics, household goods, candy, and even American flags all originate in a Chinese factory. And in our culture that's obsessed with "stuff", we buy it all up, the cheaper the better. And that feeds a very dangerous beast that's already grown out of control.

If you're on this site, you've probably tried to find stuff that's not made in China, but it's becoming increasingly difficult. Amazon once listed "Country of Manufacture" on its product pages, but mysteriously a few years ago this disappeared. Some companies get cute with labels like "Designed in California. Assembled in China" that fool consumers into thinking that means anything.

Worse, if you search Google for "products not made in China" you see a lot of blogs that are outdated/. In some cases the blogger started their site with good intentions, but their information is outdated. In other cases, the blogger is being intentionally misleading or lazy--they just list out American and European brands without taking one second to research.

So I started this site with the hopes of getting it right. Like Consumer Reports or Wirecutter, my goal in the site is to review the best of the best products you can buy in different categories. Unlike those sites, you will not find one product that is built in China.

For full disclosure, I do link out to products you can buy using affiliate links, meaning a small percentage of many purchases (usually around 1-3%) is paid to me by the vendor. This site is never going to make a lot of money, but there are a few commitments I will make. First, I will NEVER link to any product unless it is NOT made in China. Second, whatever revenue this site brings in will go towards paying for domain name, hosting, and development costs. And third, whatever is left over will go to a charity like Human Rights in China or China Aid that champions human rights in China and supports the persecuted and oppressed.

Yes, I know the irony that Amazon and other retailers were the very companies that caused the problem. But in my own little way, I hope we can send them a message by increasing exposure and purchases of products not made in China.

If you don't agree, I respect that--feel free to read my reviews anyway, and not click through to Amazon. In fact, visiting a brick-and-mortar store and checking the box yourself is the single best way to make sure you're getting something not made in China. And of course I do encourage you to reward sites that are transparent with country of origin information by buying from them first.

I'll leave the comments section on each of these posts open so you can provide feedback or suggest your own findings. If you a manufacturer of a quality product that's not made in China, feel free to contact me through the Contact Us form, and we can talk about getting your product some exposure here.

I'm just one blogger, so I may be slow in growing this site. In the meantime, I'll be creating a discussion forum so that we can build a community of folks like ourselves to trade tips and stories.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the site and being able to say No to China.


Founder I'm just a blogger who's been working for "The Man" for 25 years and looking to use my skills in writing, Web technology, SEO, and UX to do some good in the world--and for myself.

I've built Web sites and done SEO for some of the world's largest brands. I've built friendships for life in those companies, but also faced some of the worst incompetence imaginable, usually among the executive suite. So this site is a labor of love--giving you the best of myself to you instead of to a bunch of ingrates in their ivory towers.

I'm never going to get rich doing this, but at least I can do my work with a smile, knowing it's helping you. I do use affiliate links and advertisement links, so if you see something interesting, your click is appreciated. And being a search guy, I'd be remiss if I didn't ask you to link to here from your own blog or social media site if you like it here.

The image on my bio is one my 5 year old daughter drew of me, because like every father, I aspire to become the hero that his little girl (or his dog) sees me as (and yes, I need to lose a little weight).


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