Best Vitamins Not Made in China

Best Vitamins Not Made in China

Last updated 11/27/23. Updated 7/9/23.

Finding vitamins not sourced from China: a sobering statistic

If you’re like me, you fastidiously check the label on all products you buy. When you see “Made in the USA”, you breathe a sigh of relief and buy it, no questions asked.

But let’s say I cite a statistic to you that says that well over 90% of all Vitamin C comes from China. Or that 86% of all Vitamin D comes from China. And let’s say I tell you that China controls similar percentages of other vitamins and minerals. And that these numbers are from years ago, so the actual percentage is probably much higher.

Your first reaction would probably be to point to your label and say “but it says made in the USA”.

The problem is that the criteria to meet Country of Origin labeling requirements is very vague and seldom enforced. The regulations say that if a label says “Made in the USA”, then that means “all or virtually all” of the product must be made in the USA. But what does “virtually all” mean and what does “made in” mean?

In the case of vitamins, if a manufacturer sources all of its ingredients from China but uses a US-based manufacturing facility to produce the product, that product can be called “made in the USA”.

And so for years, we’ve been buying vitamins that say “made in the USA’, even though most if not all of the chemicals and raw ingredients that went into the vitamin are from China.

So what’s wrong with China?

Let’s take the best case scenario. As I mentioned in other posts, I visited China several years ago. When you step foot off the airplane in cities like Beijing, you are enveloped with a thick cloud of smog that follows you everywhere you go. That smog gets everywhere–into your lungs, into the dirt, into the air, into animals’ lungs, into plant life. And that’s in a city where they actually purport to regulate emissions. Those raw materials are all getting processed and getting into their end product. And then it gets into our bodies.

You’ve heard all the horror stories about how melamine got into dog food and baby formula. The lesson American companies learned (or should have learned) was that the reason it happened was that China manufacturers, in order to be the lowest bidder” on contracts, did the minimal it took to make their product, and if that included cheating on testing, so be it. Profit margin was the only goal for these suppliers and the American companies who contracted to them. If it took out thousands of dogs, babies, or adults, that’s just a calculated risk.

Thats the “best case scenario”. But let’s take another scenario.

We know that the People’s Liberation Army was embedded into the Wuhan Institute of Virology. We know that there was “gain of function” research going on that resulted in COVID-19.

It’s almost unfathomable to think that a government would intentionally produce substances that would hurt people. But look throughout history at evil regimes. Chemical, biological, nuclear, and conventional weapons are all designed to hurt people. Do the math. 86% of Americans take vitamins or supplements. Over 90% of those are made from materials from China. Do you think the scientists of the PLA, just maybe, are looking at how they can exploit this to their advantage if and when 1) they control 100% of the supply and 2) the relationship between the USA and China turns sour?

If you think the CCP isn’t that evil, just look at what they’ve been doing with Fentanyl for years. They’re flooding the US market with cheap opioids, which is causing Americans to become debilitated or worse. In their minds, perhaps they think turnabout is fair play–after all, the West got them hooked on opium in the 1800s. But the control that China has over imports to the US today makes the Opium Wars pale in comparison.

And look back at the history of the Chinese Communist Party. The people in charge today are the descendants of the same people who murdered millions of their political opponents in order to gain power. If they intentionally hurt their own people to preserve their power, does anyone believe they would not intentionally hurt us?

How did it come to this?

It seems that I repeat this in every post, but China didn’t create this situation, they merely exploited it.

The fault lies in ourselves. When China got most favored nation status in the WTO in the 1990s, vitamin and supplement manufacturers fell over themselves to get access to that cheap labor. We consumers rejoiced when we started paying less and less for our vitamins, and pharmaceutical and nutritional companies rejoiced at seeing their stock prices go through the roof. But what no one saw coming was how we exposed our entire population to existential risk.

Only those who are naive or fools think that China is not considering using this leverage they have over us to their advantage one day. And it may already be too late for us to reverse the tide.

But we can start by rewarding companies who publicly state that they are not just making their products in the US, but sourcing from the US as well. Remember, in the case of vitamins and multi-supplements, just looking for “Made in the USA” on the label isn’t enough. You need to go deeper for a company that avoids “globally sourced ingredients”.

But they’re not easy to find. If you Google “vitamins made in the USA”, you’ll find brands like MegaFood, VitaFusion / Lil Critters, Puritan’s Pride, Garden of Life, and Nature Made that claim to be, but say nothing about their raw ingredients (and if they don’t mention where their source is, you can pretty much guess what iti s).

Best Vitamins Not Made in China – Quick Ranking

1. Lifesource Vitamins

While most vitamin manufacturers get “cute” when they try to dance around the fact that they source from China, the founder of Lifesource Vitamins clearly states that “we don’t source any products from China”. Click on that link and you’ll find an excellent summary of the many risks that come with sourcing from China, including a lack of toxicity testing, overall inferiority of their products, and the horrible working conditions of workers in China. Another article on their site goes into detail on China’s horrific environmental situation with their soil and their waterways–things that absolutely must have an impact on their product safety.

Something else impressive about Lifesource is that they’re not in it for the profit; 100% of the profits go to support Christian philanthropic organizations like Samaritan’s Purse and Compassion International.

Lifesource, based out of Florida, sells on its own Web site (check their Facebook page for periodic discounts), as well as on Amazon. Here are some of the more popular formulations (based on the top selling vitamins and supplements in general):

Vitamin D-3




2. Nutrigold

Nutrigold does something on their Web site that sets them apart from all other vitamin manufacturers. While other manufacturers make claims that they’re transparent, Nutrigold puts their money where their mouth is. On their Web site, you can view the country of manufacture of the finished product (which is always the USA), and the country of origin of raw materials used in the product.

I was pleasantly surprised, for example, to find that their Vitamin C product doesn’t contain any materials from China. That’s because they don’t use synthetics, they only use all-natural ingredients.

There are other products where they can’t avoid using China-derived ingredients (such as their multivitamin products that use B-12 from China), but it’s clear that they go out of their way to avoid it.

Vitamin D-3


Fish Oil


Multivitamin (Women / Men)


Vitamin C



3. Vitamin C Products NOT from China – GMO Free Vitamins and Liposomal Vitamin C

If you’re like me, you were sad to learn that virtually all vitamin C used in the USA comes from China. This means that any juice, drink, cereal, candy, vitamin supplement, or other processed food fortified with Vitamin C at least in part helps fund the Chinese Commmunist Party. It’s enough to make you sick to your stomach.

Since 2005, there is only one company left outside of Asia that produces ascorbic acid, or Vitamin C, called DSM Nutritional Products. If you see a vitamin product that uses the phrase “Quali-C”, the vitamin C came from them. Specifically, they manufacture out of a plant in Dairy, Scotland using corn grown in the UK. Better yet, all of this corn is non-GMO, unlike virtually all of the corn grown elsewhere in the world, including the USA.

Here are some manufacturers of Vitamin C products, many who use Quali-C in making their products:

GMO Free Vitamins – GMO Free Vitamins is essentially the pure ascorbic acid that DSM sells under their own brand. Amazon reviewers rave about how this is the absolute best, highest quality ascorbic acid available on the market anywhere. If you take Vitamin C, this is far better than Emergen-C or any other product on the market. It’s free from additives and filler and mixes into your favorite drink. If it’s not available on Amazon, you can try buying it directly from the source.

Core Med’s Loposomal Vitamin C Softgels clearly state that they use Quali-C from Scotland.

Smart Nutralabs Liposomal Vitamin C Capsules – This brand touts that they have a completely China-free formula and is made in the USA.

Pure Synergy Pure Radiance C – If you’re looking for an alternative to synthetic Vitamin C, Pure Synergy’s Vitamin C product is derived from fruits and berries. I appreciate how Pure Synergy explicitly says that none of their ingredients are sourced from China. They have an impressive 4.8 out of 5 rating from over 4,000 customers–and those reviews look pretty darned authentic.

Eagle United C – Here’s another option of Vitamin C that’s sourced and made in the USA. It derives its Vitamin C from Calcium Ascorbate vs. Ascorbic Acid.

Doctor’s Best Vitamin C – Another brand featuring Quali-C manufactured in Scotland. Several folks have reported that Doctor’s Best has been sold by Private Equity firm North Castle Partners to China-based Xiamen Kingdomway Group in yet another case of how venture capitalists get rich by literally selling out their country. As such, this option is no longer recommended.

Do you know of other vitamins and supplements not made in China worthy of mention here? Let us know in the comments!


  1. All the vitamin manufacturers in North America (and perhaps the entire world) are sourcing their ingredients and chemicals from China. It’s unlikely that “Lifesource Vitamins” is any different, except maybe their Vitamin C. The only thing customers can do is to stop using vitamins and instead just eat better food. Unfortunately, China has poor quality control on their products. There is much truth in the old saying which is: “cheap no good and good no cheap”

    1. Nutritive lists where all ingredients are sourced from and most of their ingredients are not from China. They do not yet have a China free multi because of the b12 nd d3,, but if we keep writing them demanding one maybe they will find a way.

      1. I don’t find any supplements under that name just skin and body products perhaps you have the name wrong.

      2. lifesource vitamins sources no ingredients from china for any of their products; not just vitamin c, but for all of their products. it’s the safest vitamin company in the entire world. they are very honest, reliable & they have sales every week.

    2. They can’t specifically state on the label that it doesn’t source from China, and it’s ingredients are from the USA unless it’s true.

    3. Unfortunately, simply just eating healthier isn’t enough. Because of the chemicals added to our water, which waters crops, soil erosion and organic isn’t always completely chemical free, Americans aren’t reaching their full nutrition goals without adding supplements to their diet.
      An apple grown today has 1/8 the nutritional content of an apple grown 75+ years ago.
      Fruits and vegetables reach their optimal nutritional content when allowed to fully ripen on the plant/tree.
      Most fruits and vegetables are picked way too early, treated with chemicals to slow down the aging process, then stored far too long before reaching the consumer.
      Some chemicals used like fertilizers and pesticides are anti nutrient, which means when you consume them they actually deplete you of vitamins.
      Growing what you can is the best thing you can do, and regardless of how healthy you eat, you most definitely need a supplement.
      I’ve been studying nutrition for almost 25 years.
      Every single American is deficient in at least 3 crucial nutrients.
      Yes, your lab work up may say otherwise, but who determines what’s the optimal level?
      Does the pharmaceutical industry have any pull in this? You may be surprised to know how tightly intertwined big pharma is with medical research and education.
      Approximately 75% of our FDAs budget comes from their reliance on pharmaceutical companies and approving their products.
      Sad reality.

      1. Thanks to everyone on this thread for the great discussion.

        While this isn’t a health and nutrition blog, it’s eye-opening how much the “made in China” phenomenon mirrors the phenomenon of processed foods becoming a part of our lifestyles.

        As Jill said, even “fresh food” is “processed” in the sense that all the chemicals surrounding us get into the soul, water, and even air that plants take in. And yet I’m seeing a frightening rise in the amounts of produce imported from China. It used to be that all garlic came from Gilroy. Now, I need to drive hours to find a supermarket that has garlic that doesn’t come from China. I wrote in another blog post how I visited China and the moment I stepped off the plane it was like getting punched in the face with a wall of smog. That’s all in every single piece of fruit and vegetable that gets shipped from China. And the most frightening thing is how many Americans just look at the price tag, look at the brightly colored garlic, and grab it up.

        All we can do is raise our voices, one by one. We will be painted as conspiracy theorists or as people fighting for lost causes. But all we can do is continue to speak the truth, respectfully.

  2. After reading this article I’m looking into Lifesource but question their claim that all ingredients are not sourced from china. The reason is they have organic monkfruit (shown on their landing page as a promo) and I know that monkfruit comes from china. It makes me question whether I have to worry about their other products. I’ve sent an email to them inquiring so let’s see what they say.

  3. After reading this article I’m looking into Lifesource but question their claim that all ingredients are not sourced from china. The reason is they have organic monkfruit (shown on their landing page as a promo) and I know that monkfruit comes from china. It makes me question whether I have to worry about their other products. I’ve sent an email to them inquiring so let’s see what they say.

    1. Ok. I called lifesource and confirmed that no ingredients sourced from china. Also asked specifically about MonkFruit. I will trust them with what they say. Thank you for the wonderful post. I think this is amazingly helpful and gives me peace of mind.

        1. lifesource vitamins is the only company that does not source any ingredients from china. they are an excellent company.

    1. I just called Bronson and they assured me that their products are all sourced and manufactured in USA. The K2 is synthetic but made in Long Island NY. I asked specifically, to define “manufacture” Does that mean they just source pills from abroad and put in a bottle “manufacture?” Do they get raw materials and put in a capsule and call it “manufacture.” They assured me no. It’s all done in Long Island suburb of NY.

  4. Doctor’s Best is now owned by a Chinese company called Kingdom Way group. Anything from Doctor’s Best should be avoided if you dont want your money going to China.

  5. I found out that Dole sliced canned peaches are from China! Also found Country Kitchen grillers dog treats which have the US flag on package are from China! They opened two facilities in US so are able to claim made in USA!

  6. One Planet Nutrition will not buy any supplement bulk made in China.They make Nano-products. I know the owner and can attest to this.

  7. It is our government that has changed the ” made in” laws after much pressure and payoffs from big business, oh BTW that is a non-partisan practice. The one this “D” & “R” can come together on,,,it’s about their personal wealth.. speak to your representatives.

  8. The Doctor’s Best brand was recently (2022) acquired by…you guessed it…China. So….be aware, consumers. As for others, yes it is possible to acquire vitamins from sources outside China. There is a plant in Scotland which makes the Vitamin C labeled “quali C”. Do your homework before purchase as things change from time to time.

    1. Thanks so much for reporting this, Jeri. I’ve removed them as a recommendation. Let’s hope the others stay strong and keep that plant in Scotland running.

  9. Be careful with the herbal teas too. Years ago I emailed and called Celestial Seasonings to ask where their teas come from because I had heard about some horrible tea manufacturing practices in China. (Doubt they drink any Celestial Seasoning teas over there.) Specifically I wanted to know about their Sleepytime, but no one responded. That told me the answer.

  10. I believe everyone here has a very valid concern about where their vitamins are “manufactured”. It’s ashame that so many local companies can’t produce a product that is truly made local or in the USA. I think that the raw ingredients or processes to make vitamins in general to some degree fall out side the USA and cost so much to get that companies just can’t be profitable. That said, I think some people would pay a premium if they new they were getting a premium product.

  11. The vast majority of Thorne vitamins and supplements are made in Summerville, SC. I’m still waiting to hear back on where the ingredients are sourced from and where ones not made in Summerville, SC are made. I will post an update. I usually only buy the NSF Certified for Sport (pro sports athletes can take them) and they have an A rating from Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Association, and they are the only US company full certified by the ATGA, which is the toughest regulatory body in the world. If you are looking for pharmaceutical products not made in China, Catalent Pharma Solutions does not manufacture in China, they have divisions in Shanghai that offer supply chain solutions, packaging, and some other things but do not manufacture there.

    1. I contacted Thorne in April and they confirmed that their vitamins c and Quercetin include ingredients from China. Those are the only 2 I asked about

  12. What a blessing from God finding this site was very discouraged finding out garden of life bought out by neslie and my calm magnesium bought out by Clorox I thank everyone for their comments I ask God for wisdom about china what not to buy

  13. These post are extremely informative, I wish doctors wishful thinking “would investigate the vitamin companies and supplements and where they ares sourced from in 2022.
    . Many individuals have medical conditions. They are on a variety of medications which in some cases are not to be used with supplemental. products especially those vitamins sourced from China. The wording has to be reviewed and examined with full disclosure from companies selling any product.
    . As a kidney transplant patient using anti-rejection medication I have to be extremely careful what I used which has to potential to weaken medication or worse yet make it stronger than needed.
    The public has to be to pay for theses supplements and are generally higher priced
    One question I have is, “how does the consumer trust the actual strength or dosage for a particular supplement FDA does not have rule on regulation on how to gauge the expiration date of supplement.
    On the monk fruit there was a warning that mentioned it was not advised to consume.
    Articles failed to mention a VIP fact. THE erythritol a common artificial sweeter is used in combination with monk fruit. This combination poses a risk of harm to heart and blood vessels, clotting stroke, heart attack. Has anyone seen any monk product that erythritol? Top 5 Best Monk Fruit Sweetener without Erythritol has a post as of Sept 2023. As consumers we have to ask many question before deciding to consume any supplement.

  14. Thank You For The Information ❗️😳 HOW UNETHICAL to put American Flag 🇺🇸 on Dog treats And You Think You buying American and It’s from China And It COULD CONTAIN anything 😡❗️Just Like Vitamins Coming Over When YOU DONT WHATS REALLY in It ❗️Our Country Bought Baby formula That HAD Melamine in it 😱AND If Americans DONT KNOW Those Are Chinese Companies , They COULD be Poisoning us W/O us Realizing it❗️😡

  15. Very interesting and informative, I really appreciate the article.

    In checking today I notice that the website for LifeSource Vitamins says, buried in the ‘About Us’ page, only that they are ‘Proudly Made In the USA’ – and a couple other statements about exceeding regulatory and Good Manufacturing Processes.

    Makes me think they absolutely DO source from China. What a shame. I was all prepared to give them my money.

    1. lifesource vitamins sources nothing from china. I wouldn’t buy from them if I thought for 1 second that they get anything from china.

  16. Monk Fruit is native to Asia and can be found in China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. It is also grown in the U.S. and Canada.

    I am tossing my NOW melatonin out, thought best used by 11/2024. It doesn’t work. It is mostly riceflour, which goes rancid I experienced in other vitamins.

  17. It’s interesting that DSM Nutritional Products lacatrd in Scotland is being noted by most sources as the only company that manufactures Vitamin C outside of China. However I saw they where they were selling one of their factories which was located in China.

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