Best Kitchen Utensils Not Made in China

Best Kitchen Utensils Not Made in China

Can you find spatulas, turners, spoons not made in China?

There are certain things that I go out of my way to look for that aren’t made in China. Top of the list is food. Anything I ingest or, more importantly, that my child ingests is NOT coming from the world’s top polluter.

A close second on the list is anything to do with cooking. Remember in 2004 when people ingested dangerous chemicals from CrockPots that were made in China? Of course you don’t, because that news was covered up as efficiently as when Tankman was whisked out of Tienanmen Square and never seen again, both by the Chinese government and by corporate executives that desperately wanted to protect the gravy train that went through Beijing.

Kitchen utensils are the epitome of all that went wrong when the United States granted MFN to China. Search for “spatula” on Amazon and all you see are fake China brands dumping their products on Americans. In order to stay competitive, once-great American kitchen brands like KitchenAid, Cuisinart, All Clad, and OXO poured all of their manufacturing into China.

Can you even find spatulas, turners, spoons not made in China?

The good news is that you can. The bad news is that it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Any mass-produced American brand is long gone. I used OXO for most of my life, but after they moved all their manufacturing to China their quality plummeted. There was literally no difference between buying them and a cheap China-made product, except for those three letters on the handle. Most Americans eventually conclude that it’s not worth paying double the price just to have three letters.

If you’re lucky enough to live by an Asian supermarket run by Japanese, Taiwanese or South Koreans, you may be in luck. A lot of these stores will import goods not from big American brands, but from local manufacturers in their respective countries.

On a recent trip to my local H-Mart, I saw the spatula you see here (made in Japan), the steel spatula (made in Korea) and the spoon (made in Japan). The price was incredibly low, the quality better than anything I could get on Amazon.

I scanned the UPC codes and looked for them on Amazon, but couldn’t find them. Why? Because Amazon has stacked the deck in favor of China. In addition to their cheating, China manufacturers simply flood the marketplace with mass produced junk and dominate the listings, leaving no room for an independent brand out of Japan or Korea to get any visibility.

The good news is that some third party sellers are “breaking through”. Unfortunately, Amazon’s search doesn’t work (and I believe it’s intentional). If you search “kitchen utensils not made in china” or “kitchen utensils made in Japan”, you’ll invariably get a page full of China junk. But I went through and found some options.

1. Kitchen Utensil Sets

2. Turners / Spatulas

3. Spoons and Ladles

4. Measuring Spoons

5. Tongs

6. Rubber / Silicone Spatulas

7. Slotted Spatulas / Fish Turners

8. Cook’s Fork

9. Pizza Cutter

10. Fruit and Vegetable Peelers

11. Skimmers

12. Spaghetti Servers

13. Whisks

14. Ice Cream Scoops

15. Can Opener

Did I miss any kitchen gadget you’re interested in, or did I miss one of your favorite non-China brands? Let me know in the comments!

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