$50 credit for pre-ordering next generation Samsung Galaxy

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$50 credit for pre-ordering next generation Samsung Galaxy

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I’ve been an iPhone user for many years, but like a lot of you I was royally p*ssed to hear that Tim Cook and Apple made a secret (and sleazy) deal with China. At a time when they should be looking for emerging economies to produce iPhones in, they doubled down on China and pledged $275 BILLION to help build up China as a technology powerhouse. It’s strange how during the 2018 tariffs you heard all kinds of talk from Apple about them finding new places to manufacture their products, but you don’t hear it anymore.

I admit I’ll be sad to say goodbye to Apple, but enough is enough. I’m through with then.

Samsung will be coming out with their new S22 Series; it should be available for pre-order starting around February 9. If you visit here there’s a great deal where you can get a $50 credit for reserving yours.

https://www.samsung.com/us/smartphones/ ... y/reserve/

Samsung Galaxy phones are of course not made in China. I’ve heard great things about them over the years but Apple’s always been the comfortable choice for me. But no more.