Wiper Blades Not Made in China

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Wiper Blades Not Made in China

Post by steve »

The wiper blades on my very old Infiniti finally gave way (I mean, the rubber completely disintegrated and flew off), so I bit the bullet and went to Amazon to buy new ones.

As I've come to expect by now, the top ranking Amazon recommendations are the fake brand names like AUTOBOO, MOTIUM, AECIWELL, PARRATI and the brilliantly named "OEM", sold by third party sellers with a names like NINGBO MEIYI BAOZHUANGZHIPING YOUXIANGONGSI, Tian Jin Wei Pu Qi Che Pei Jian You Xian Gong Si, and xiamensemanmaoyiyouxiangongsi.

Then, there's of course AmazonBasics, where Amazon slaps its own brand name to provide cover for cheap China manufacturers.

And then there are once-respectible brands like Bosch and Michelin, all in China.

But hidden under all the listings was this Rain-X model. I used Amazon's "ConfirmedFit" feature (which actually works pretty well) and entered my car's make, model and year.


Annoyingly, Rain-X doesn't disclose their country of origin on their product page. And Amazon's Q&A was fairly unhelpful; my guess is these were made in the USA at one point, and then Korea. So I took a chance and ordered a set, and was thrilled to get two blades made in Mexico.

I think the last time I changed a blade on a car was in the early 1990s when car makers still made it difficult to change them so you'd have to go to a dealer. So imagine my shock when I realized that with these new-fangled blades (which evidently came out right in the mid-1990s) you literally just pop off the old ones and pop on the new ones! And yes, I know I sound like my grandfather here. But they were a perfect fit and I haven't seen my windshield this clear in the rain in years.

It looks like Trico Wiper Blades are also made in Mexico.


And the price differential actually isn't as much as you'd expect, which is bad because it means that China sellers are achieving greater margins these days thanks to Amazon's relentless promotion of them. But it also means that companies that manufacture outside of China can start competing on price again.

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Re: Wiper Blades Not Made in China

Post by Paul »

Don't know if they are available in the US, but 98% of all Valeo wiper blades are made in Europe according to the Valeo website.

https://www.valeoservice.com/en-com/pas ... m-original
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Re: Wiper Blades Not Made in China

Post by w8just1min »

Trico Titan style is made in the USA, other styles are made in Mexico that I saw at the store https://www.tricoproducts.com/products/ ... rico-titan
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