Today's Newspaper: EU and China

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Carsten Hoberg
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Today's Newspaper: EU and China

Post by Carsten Hoberg »


I found two interesting things in the today''s paper:

1) The EU will have tariffs on Chinese products in order to protect EU companies.

2) EU companies are disappointed about their sales in China and will therefore
invest in other markets. Also, many companies will reduce their re-investments in China.
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Re: Today's Newspaper: EU and China

Post by Paul »

That sounds very positive!
I also recently read that imports from China have fallen significantly, but that imports of Chinese cars have increased by almost 400%.
Let them put import duties on those cars to protect our own market. The Chinese do this all the time, but we Europeans just let it happen.
I hope that Germany will also start thinking about its own market, they think far too much about selling their brand names in China even if they have to produce there to accomplish that, which is at the expense of production in Germany.
Fighting a lonely battle... People, please stop buying Chinese crap!
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