Whittling (wood carving) knives made in Ukraine

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Whittling (wood carving) knives made in Ukraine

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For some reasons, knives seem to be one of those products that have defied getting lost to China manufacturers. Don't get me wrong, there are tons of cheap knives out there made in China. But for high-end and speciality knives, the market for products made outside of China seems to be booming. Why? I think it's for a few reasons. First, when things are made cheaply, they wear out quickly, and nothing wears out faster than a poorly-made knife. If you've bought made-in-China scissors you know what I mean--20 years ago a $5 pair of scissors will last you a lifetime, but today you need to buy a new $5 every 18 months.

A dull knife is not only a pain, it's dangerous. So consumers are getting smart and buying high-end knives from Japan and Germany that last for years.

This is a wood carving knife from Beavercraft, who purports to make all their products in Europe (this particular one comes from Ukraine). Their specialty is wood carving. This is great set for beginners, and for a limited time it's on sale at Amazon!