Water flosser, made in Thailand

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Water flosser, made in Thailand

Post by Paul »

In my search for a water flosser, I noticed that almost all water flossers are made in China. :cry:

The well-known brands such as Waterpik, Philips and Oral B are all made in China.
Philips has made models in Hungary and Mexico, which I did come across in my search. However, I think these are old models because the models I saw in the store were all made in China.

Fortunately, I came across an alternative, from the Japanese brand Panasonic.
As far as I can determine, Panasonic supplies 3 models that are made in Thailand; the EW1211, EW1311 and EW1411. Not only the device, but also the charger and replacement mouthpieces are made in Thailand.
Please note, Panasonic also supplies models made in China. The EW1611, EW1511, EW-DJ10 are made in China. These are the newer models, looks like Panasonic moved production from Thailand to China recently.

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Re: Water flosser, made in Thailand

Post by ddhhm »

I also cannot find floss sticks or toothpicks that are not made in China. I found floss sticks that say "Country of origin: USA" on Amazon, but they were actually made in China. Returned unopened. Amazon Prime still allows returning items due to country of origin.

I attempted to use musa@ftc.gov to report the blatant deception in country of origin on the Amazon listing, but I got crickets in return. Perhaps there's a more effective way?
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