Kids Winter Gloves---????

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Kids Winter Gloves---????

Post by DanShays »

Where can I find NoToChina kids winter gloves, preferably water proof?

I asked about a couple of brands on Amazon and they all said China.
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Re: Kids Winter Gloves---????

Post by steve »

Hi Dan. Thanks for your question. Here are some good options I found.

EVO Burton GORE-TEX Gloves (made in Indonesia)

L.L. Bean Kid's Cold Buster Waterproof Gloves (made in Vietnam) ... glove-kids

L.L. Bean Kid's Wintry Mix Waterproof Gloves (made in Vietnam) ... loves-kids

Fox River Monkey Mittens (made in USA) ... ht-mittens

Kid's Alpaca Mittens (made in USA) ... 8541345945

Menique Knitted Merino and Cashmere Gloves (made in Lithuania) ... dusty-pink

Hope one of these works for you!
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