Bathroom renovation with no Chinese materials

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Bathroom renovation with no Chinese materials

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I recently renovated my bathroom and managed to do it completely without Chinese materials. Of course, for you Americans, the materials I used may not be available for you.
Possibly, however I can at least give you an insight into how you can renovate a bathroom with the right materials.
The renovation was as follows: a walk-in shower, a bath, a double sink, a toilet, heating, radio, lighting and a sliding door system. I have investigated the origin of all the purchased items. This for all sanitary materials, but also for all building materials. As far as I have been able to trace back, everything was manufactured in Europe.

Starting with the sanitary materials used.

I have only used materials from the Geberit brand, a Swiss top brand with production facilities in many western countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, USA, Austria, Italy and Switzerland.
The built-in flush mechanism used is made in Germany, the toilet is made in Switzerland.

The bath used is from the German top brand Villeroy & Boch. The most exclusive baths made of the synthetic/quartz material Quaryl are made in the Netherlands. The acrylic baths are made in Belgium.

Bathroom furniture
I used a bathroom furniture from the Dutch brand Bruynzeel. This brand, which is known for the production of bathroom furniture, kitchens, pencils and markers, supplies very beautiful well-built bathroom furniture with built-in sinks, made in the Netherlands.

The washbasin taps used are from the Danish brand Damixa. The collection of this brand is almost completely made in Denmark. Only the cheapest entry-level models are made in China. Of course the taps I bought are made in Denmark.
The used shower tap with rain shower and hand shower and the used bath tap are from the Belgian brand Ideal Standard. The taps I used are both made in Germany.
The stopcock for the toilet is from the brand Viega, made in Germany.

For the tiles I used the Dutch brand Mosa, the vast majority of the Mosa collection is produced in the Netherlands.
A wide variety of tiles are produced in Europe, mostly in Portugal, Italy, Germany and Turkey. But also in other European countries.

Shower enclosure
The shower enclosure used is from the Dutch top brand Riho, which is made in Europe.
Riho produces all their products in Europe (Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary).

The towel radiator I used is from the Belgian brand Radson (part of the Finnish Rettig), the radiators are made in Belgium.
All pipes and couplings used to connect the system are also made in Belgium, from the Henco brand.
The underfloor heating is made from Henco pipes and the distributor is from the German brand Oventrop, which has two production facilities in Germany, in Olsberg and Brilon.

Remaining materials
LED recessed spots from Illuxtron, made in the Netherlands
Bathroom accessories (towel hooks, toilet roll holder, toilet brush) from Geesa, product line AIM, made in the Netherlands
Shower drainage from Easydrain, made in Germany
Bathroom built-in radio from Jung, made in Germany
Ikea bathmats, made in Turkey
Trash can from Koziol, made in Germany
Vikan floor wiper, made in Denmark
Window squeegee from Unger, made in Germany
Laundry basket from the Dutch brand Brabantia, made in Belgium

Construction materials
Plasterboard is from Knauf, made in the Netherlands
SPAX screws, made in Germany
Plugs from Fischer, made in Germany and Spit, made in France
Metalstud system for walls and ceiling from Dingemans, made in the Netherlands
Electrical tubes and recessed boxes from Attema, made in the Netherlands
Wood, all local FSC wood, produced locally in a carpentry factory
Door from the Dutch brand Skantrae, which has factories in the Netherlands, Poland, the Czech Republic and Indonesia
Sliding door system, ROB from Arlu, made in Belgium
Door fitting, Hoppe, made in Germany
Insulation material, Isover, made in the Netherlands
Tile adhesive and grout, Omnicol, made in Belgium
Paint, Sigma, made in the Netherlands
Silicone sealant, Den Braven, made in the Netherlands
Fighting a lonely battle... People, please stop buying Chinese crap!