Vacuum-seal plastic food storage containers (like Tupperware)

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Vacuum-seal plastic food storage containers (like Tupperware)

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Thought I'd share a great find with everyone.

I looked EVERYTHING to find a plastic storage container that let you vacuum out the air in it. I had one of these years ago (actually, a hand-crank version that I got by redeeming the old Coke Rewards). My old ones broke and so I looked around for a new one. I didn't care if it was hand-cranked or not--I just wanted something that would let me vacuum seal anything so it's completely airtight.

I looked at a LOT of brands. OXO was great at first, but I soon found that the giant "push button" on its lid that was supposed to drive out air really did nothing of the kind (and it's all made in China). Zwilling was a brand I was familiar with, and I really liked that it's made of glass (and "engineered in Germany") but I was saddened to hear that their entire "Fresh & Save Vacuum Glass Starter Set" is made in China (boo). And of course there is no end of copycats of OXO and Zwilling with names like FOSA, VMSTR, and Lasting Freshness, most no doubt from factories in China who learned industrial secrets from factories that learned it from companies like OXO and Zwilling.

Pomodoro Food Storage Vacuum Seal Containers


It's a set of five containers (you can also get 3 or 2) with an electric handheld pump (which you charge via USB) that you can use to suck the air out of the containers. What's really cool is that as the air leaves the inside of the container you can see a little rubber indicator "indent", letting you know that the insides have no air.

Their product page says that it "keeps food fresh up to 5 days longer", which is true--I've had salads that normally would start turning brown within a day last for several days and even guacamole stayed green for several days. And if you want to store dry goods like cereal, flour, dry milk, nuts, and more, you'll find that these are the best container to keep those things around for months, even years.

I was thrilled to learn that these are made in Taiwan. It's always a bonus when you need something, you find the best, and you find that the best wasn't made in China.