Disposable plastic shopping / trash bags

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Disposable plastic shopping / trash bags

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Cool site!

Thought I'd share one of my "finds" with y'all.

I used to use plastic grocery bags all the time for my trash (i even bought a trash can that fits these bags perfectly)

But ever since my state banned plastic shopping bags, I've had to go back to buying thick plastic glad and hefty bags for my trash. So while our fascist state thought they were saving the environment it turns out they were just making big companies like Clorox richer AND forcing me to pollute even more with an awful thick plastic bag that will never break down vs. those old shopping bags that were strong enough to hold trash but which you know would break down eventually.

I was pretty excited to find this and this. They're cheap plastic bags just like the ones you used to get at the supermarket. And best thing about them, they're not made in China (Reli is made in Malaysia, Tashibox is made in Cambodia).

I buy 1000 at a time and put them in my kitchen cabinet--whenever i need a trash bag, I just take one out. it's a ton cheaper than glad bags and better for the environment. And I love grabbing a bunch and taking them to the supermarket with me and bagging my groceries in them...you should see the look of jealousy in everyone's eyes as they carry around their salmonella-laced reusable bags.