Great website: Sur la table

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Great website: Sur la table

Post by Paul »

The Sur la table website is a good example how it should be.
They have listed on the product pages for each product under the "specs" tab where it is produced.
A lot comes from China, but there are also a lot of products that are not made in China.

They also sell the brands Scanpan and Demeyre, these are highly recommended, I also have pans of these myself.
These are mostly produced in Denmark and Belgium.

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Re: Great website: Sur la table

Post by steve »

I love it. Even if I have to pay more money to a place like Sur La Table than Amazon, it is worth it, just to send a message. The difference is usually small anyway (less than $5-10 difference), so I think of it as a "tip" to them for doing things the right way.
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