Meat slicer for home use not made in China

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Meat slicer for home use not made in China

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I got a question from John on Facebook looking for a meat slicer for home user that is not made in China.

We've seen a pattern in other kitchen appliances, like coffee makers. Most manufacturing, especially for consumer units, has long since gone to China. But in some cases, the very high end, professional equipment continues to be manufactured in the USA.

Meat slicers follows the same pattern. Here are some industrial-quality slicers that will run you a pretty penny--but ultimately you do get what you pay for.

Globe S13 Manual Food Slider - $4,600 - Made in USA
Hobart EDGE13 - $2,040 - Made in USA (I think)

There is one that comes into the realm of affordability from Waring Commercial. To my surprise, this one was made in Italy and comes in at under $1000, or about the cost of an iPhone 13 :)

Waring Commercial WCS250SV

Once you get cheaper than this we get into consumer territory, and none of those are made in the USA anymore.

As always, before buying anything, especially an expensive piece of equipment, always confirm that the unit you will be getting is not made in China.