Samsung S10

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Samsung S10

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I have read elsewhere that, beginning in 2019, Samsung S10 phones were not made in the PRC. Is this accurate, and does it include ALL Series 10 phones, or just some of them?
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Re: Samsung S10

Post by steve »

Samsung shut down its last company-owned factory in 2019, but that was less due to any geopolitical reasons and more because their company-owned factory in China wasn't making money. They ended up outsourcing much of their mid-range like (Galaxy A and Galaxy M) to China-based ODMs like Wingtech--in their case this was an understandable move to meet growing demand in the China market. (I actually don't begrudge them using China manufacturers to serve the China market, as long as they don't force-feed us with stuff made in China).

The high-end units like the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy Z are still manufactured in their own company-owned manufacturing plants, and those are located in countries like Vietnam, India, and South Korea (if you're one of the lucky 10% outside of South Korea).

Information on S10 is harder to come by, probably because since it was introduced in 2019 the line has gone through so much evolution. I do see reports on Reddit that users are reporting that the S10+ and even models like A51 and A71 were coming from Vietnam or even South Korea. But YMMV, as you never know when a grey market model (or even a counterfeit) may slip through the cracks.

Most reports of the S20 (the successor to the S10) are that they're definitely not being made in China, with one trustworthy outlet saying they were mainly made in South Korea as of a few months ago.

This is definitely a case where you're going to want to visit a brick-and-mortar and check the box (or alternatively, getting written confirmation of country of origin from an online seller before you make a purchase).
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Re: Samsung S10

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I have the S20 FE, it's made in Vietnam
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