Bluetooth tracker (key finder)

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Bluetooth tracker (key finder)

Post by Paul »

I did some research and found out there are a few NMIC Bluetooth trackers (key finders) which I like to share with you guys.

These are the ones you should buy:
  • Samsung Galaxy SmartTag, made in Vietnam
  • Filo Tag, made in Italy
  • Chipolo Card, assembled in Japan
  • Chipolo ONE, assembled in Slovenia

And these are the ones you should NOT buy:
  • Apple Airtag, made in China
  • Tile Pro and Tile Mate, made in China
  • Cube Pro, made in China
  • TrackR bravo, made in China
  • Mappos, made in China
  • Silvergear Smart Tag, made in China
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Re: Bluetooth tracker (key finder)

Post by steve »

Thanks Paul. I did not realize that AirTags were made in China, I assumed they were made in Vietnam like some AirPods are. Yet another Apple product to put on my "Do Not Buy" list.
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