warning about Aircare humidifiers!

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warning about Aircare humidifiers!

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On the Aircare website, aircare.com, they claim "Our manufacturing team builds most of our units right here, giving our customers the best humidifiers and humidifier filters. In fact, we are the largest humidifier manufacturer in the US." Their parent company, Essick Air (https://www.essickair.com/), states on their homepage, "Our products are designed, engineered and built in the U.S.A." However, I just bought a Duet model humidifier and the bottom says it was made in China! They LIE. Be sure to always verify that if a company says their products are made in the USA that they actually are.
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Re: warning about Aircare humidifiers!

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Thanks for the heads-up. A good reminder to verify Country of Origin with the vendor before you buy it, and if they lied, to return it at THEIR expense.

The biggest problem we face is that when retailers lie, most of us throw our hands up and just accept it. But they will not care unless it hits them in their pockets.
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