Under desk keyboard tray

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Under desk keyboard tray

Post by RIEDRJ »

We just bought a sit-stand desk that came in 6 does. 4 of 6 from China, 1 from Taiwan, 1 from USA. Sorry but we had trouble doing "due diligence ".

I'm looking to add an under desk keyboard tray, similar to KT1 by Uncaged Ergonomics. I've reached out to verify their manufacturing location. Anyone have other companies?

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Re: Under desk keyboard tray

Post by steve »

Here are a couple promising choices:

1. iMovR Stowaway Ergonomic Keyboard Tray

I love iMovR's transparency as they have a whole page dedicated to talking about how they make things in the USA. In addition to this model, they offer a variety of others for different desk types.


2. Ergonomic Keyboard Tray by Versa - Made in USA

Versadesk seems like a legitimate company that makes things in the USA as well. As with all listings on Amazon you do need to be careful of counterfeiters and misleading county of origin information, but as long as you buy directly from Versa you should be fine.


You can try contacting HumanScale as well. I see their chairs and desks mentioned on many blogs and retailer sites as being made in the USA but their site is annoyingly coy about where these desk trays are made, which usually means one of two things: they want to expand to China and are afraid of "offending" them, or they plan on moving some production to China at some point. It should be easy to verify with them by contacting their customer service--hopefully they'll be a lot more upfront but if they're not, you should avoid them.

3M was also made in the USA as of at least 2015, but they too are coy about country of origin lately. I'd suggest contacting them as well.

Would love to hear what you hear back from Uncaged Ergonomics, but based on what I'm seeing, it's likely their products are produced out of the same factories in China as many others.

Good luck, and definitely let us know how it goes!
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