Cables not made in China

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Cables not made in China

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I used to buy Anker cables for everything until I learned that Anker not only makes things in China, they're a China-owned company.

Since then I've been looking all over for cables not made in China, including USB-A to USB-C, USB-A to Lightning, USB-A to USB-C, and USB-C to USB-C cables.

Someone on Reddit mentioned two brands that sell them. If this person is accurate, all of their products are made in Taiwan.


Moshi sells not just cables, but also chargers for iPhones and MacBooks. Javex also sells CAT7/CAT6 LAB cables, speaker wire, and HDMI cables.

Here's what I don't understand. From what I can tell these cables are certainly made in Taiwan, but the manufacturers (who are also the sellers in both cases) don't mention this prominently in their product listing. Moshi completely hides this information and Javex buries a line in their product copy that reads "Solid manufacturing base of its own dedicated factory in Taiwan".

Their prices are very reasonable and comparable to Anker. If you're in the market, definitely shop here first. It may be a few dollars more expensive than the cheapest made in China models, but they'll last. I've had a couple Ankers that failed (edges become frayed or connectors come off) and while Anker is generally pretty good about honoring their lifetime warranty, their products always invariably break again within a few months (and they won't honor the warranty the second time). Why not go with a product that will last the first time?