Digital Piano not made in China

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Digital Piano not made in China

Post by Clive »

I've heard good things about Roland and Yamaha, also Kawai. Are any of them not made in China? Are any--dare I ask--still made in the uSA?
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Re: Digital Piano not made in China

Post by steve »

80% of all digital pianos and over 30% of all traditional pianos are made in China. They are well on their way to monopolizing the industry.

There are several models I found that are proudly NOT made in China from some of the top manufacturers. Korg leads the pack here.

This popular Korg LP380 is still made in Japan and is their most affordable not-made-in-China model at $1150. ... -klp380bkx

The Korg C1 is also made in Japan. As of this writing it goes for $1600. ... c1airbkx-p

As is the Korg G1, which currently goes for $1800. ... gb1airbk-p

Kawai also has some models made in Japan

Kawai CA49 looks like it's made in Japan. It goes for $2300 ... -kca49roxx

Roland is very tight-lipped about their country of manufacture on their online product listings, which is foolish in my mind, as many of their pianos appear to be made in Malaysia, which is certainly a step above China. Double-check with the store before buying, of course.

Roland FP-30 can be found for around $800 ... 0335932.gc

Sadly, most low-end Yamahas appear to be made out of their factory in China. But here are the few best sellers from Yamaha that I've confirmed to be made in Indonesia:

Yamaha YDP144 Arius Series - $1200 (this is one of their most popular models, and the one I bought personally...and yes, I can confirm from my box that it is made in Indonesia) ... ydp144bx-p ... 0263376.gc

Yamaha YDP-S34 Arius Series - $1100 (a slimmer version of the above) ... ydps34bx-p

Yamaha YDP103 Arius Series - $1000 (entry level model) ... ydp103rx-p

As I alluded to above, I recently bought the Yamaha YDP-144 and I'm thrilled with it. It came in a big 128 pound box and we assembled it within 2 hours. It uses sampled sounds from the top-of-the-line Yamaha grand piano, but it sounds and even feels like a real piano (down to the low keys being slightly "heavier" than the high keys). And unlike a real piano, you can attach headphones to it so you don't wake the neighbors at night.
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