Magsafe Charger Alternative

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Magsafe Charger Alternative

Post by steve »

If you have a Magsafe device by Apple (iPhone 12, iPhone 13, etc.) you probably learned too late that a MagSafe charger doesn't come with your phone and will cost you an additional $39, which like most of the cost of your phone will go straight to China.

Time will still tell if Apple is able to extract itself from China. There have been lots of rumors of Taiwan-based Foxconn moving manufacturing to India, but even by their best estimates most iPhones will still be made in China...the $275 billion hole that Tim Cook dug is way too deep.

The good news is, more and more I see Belkin extracting itself from China and making things in Vietnam. Contract that to China-based Anker, who is doubling down on China manufacturing.

This MagSafe charger is not only a good alternative to Apple's overpriced product, in my opinion it's a far superior product. The magnet sticks just as well as Apple's, the 20W USB-C charger (which unfortunately will probably be made in China) provides rapid charging, and the fit is perfect. Best of all, it's made in Vietnam.