Plastic Bus Trays / Utility Box from Rubbermaid, made in the USA

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Plastic Bus Trays / Utility Box from Rubbermaid, made in the USA

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Here's an amazing value from Rubbermaid Commercial Products (as of this writing they're $10 for the 4.6 gallon version and $17 for the 7 gallon version). It's a bus tray / utility box made of plastic, the thick grey plastic tubs you see in restaurants where the busboys throw all the dishes and silverware.

I was kind of surprised to see that Rubbermaid still makes most of its products in the USA, and I suspect the percentage is even more when you look at products like this that were designed for industrial use. It comes in 4.6 and 7 gallon sizes.

Here's what it looks like:

This is a great example of a product that is built in the USA, is infinitely more safe and solidly made than any made in China version, but no one ever hears about. Why? Because these products are made for industrial use, so there aren't marketing campaigns all over the place getting you to buy them.

Sadly, there are many in the world who have gotten addicted to the fancy packaging and slick marketing copy to make them feel good about a purchase because they're simply unable to distinguish good quality from bad.

But some consumers are savvy. Look at the product reviews for this one and it's hilarious the uses people have found for these. Some use it as a litter box for cats, others for under-the-sink dishpans, others for additional storage, others as a water table for their kits to play with, others for food prep. I admire these consumers because they're figuring out ways to use a solidly made product, rather than buying cheap products and blindly following what they're told to use them for.

As someone who's bought a ton of plastic trays like this only to have the plastic disintegrate after a few months of use, I'm in for a few of these!