Welcome to No to China deals

Everyone loves a great deal. Post deals that you find for products not made in China here. (Note that deals posted here are time-sensitive, so older deals may no longer be available—check back often!)
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Welcome to No to China deals

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As I do research for this site, I'll often come across some pretty good deals--products on sale, products at clearance prices, etc. The one thing more satisfying than buying a product not made in China is buying a product not made in China at a great price. And so as I stumble across great deals I'll post them here.

Note that I don't have the bandwidth to go through and mark deals as "expired", so some older posts may no longer have the price posted here. Keep checking back, and hopefully you'll find that deal or a similar one has come back.

Feel free to post deals that you find as well. The only rules for this board are: 1) it's on sale and 2) it's not made in China