Weee - An amazing site where you can buy stuff NOT from China

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Weee - An amazing site where you can buy stuff NOT from China

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My wife's friend introduced her to a site called Weee. And after spending just a few hours on it, I can say this is the shopping site of the future.

Here's a link you can use to sign up (full disclosure, my wife and you both get a discount if you click through this link).
https://www.sayweee.com/en/invite_frien ... 26&lang=en

Why do I love this site so much?

1) Most importantly, IT LETS YOU FILTER BY COUNTRY OF ORIGIN. You'd think that all sites would be doing this, but as I mentioned on the main site, most e-commerce sites actively hide country of origin in hopes that you, the consumer, won't care. But after knowing about China's pollution, their history of deliberately poisoning everything from dog food to toys to achieve the cheapest costs, and the bullying that the China Communist Party does towards its own citizens as well as countries like Taiwan--who in their right mind would buy things from China anymore?

This site does sell stuff from China--but it labels it CLEARLY. That's a game changer. So if you want to take the risk, that's your choice. But if you want to have the option of paying a little more (and supporting local economies) in countries like the United States, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, the Philippines, Japan, or others, the Country of Origin for EVERY product is clearly marked.

2) Just as impressively, it lets you buy LOCAL PRODUCTS from these countries. My wife, being from Taiwan, wanted to order rice grown in Taiwan (which really does come out much better than even California rice--thanks to its soil, water, and tropical climate. So she bought a few bags. I got hooked on plum juice when I went with her to Taiwan once and have craved it ever since, but the only brands that my local Asian supermarkets sell are from China. But now I can buy bottles directly from Taiwan. And don't get me started on the Japanese candy from Japan!

I highly, highly recommend this site, if only to send a message to the Amazon Freshes and Fresh Directs of the world that you DEMAND that they start to put country of origin labeling on every one of their product pages.