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A general discussion board for introducing yourself and talking about general topic about products not made in China.
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Welcome to the Forum for NoToChina.org

Post by steve »

Hi everyone. I'm putting these forums up as a bit of an experiment. There are other great discussion boards out there such as Reddit (/r/avoidchineseproducts), but I thought I'd put up this forum for those who may not be on Reddit or who just feel like posting without going through the rigmarole of signing up for an account anywhere. I'll also make a commitment that for any request that comes in that doesn't have a community response, I'll do the research for you and post it here, tapping my 25 years of experience as an Internet search professional.

The goal of these forums is for all of us to trade advice on the best stuff not made in China we can find. If you're looking for something, please find the appropriate board and post clearly what you're looking for (for example, if you're looking for a laptop, your title should be "Laptops Not Made in China" and you should post a brief message about what precisely you're looking for).

If you happen to know (or be) a manufacturer who makes these things outside of China, please feel free to post a response.

I do have anonymous posting turned on (for now) so you can just post a question or an answer. If the spam problem gets bad in the future, I may require registering for an account for posting, but reading posts will always be available for everyone.

There will be zero tolerance for spam or for self-promotion or referral links. Racism toward any group will also not be tolerated.
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Re: Welcome to the Forum for NoToChina.org

Post by rich.evans »


I just came across your site and would like to thank you for putting it together. I am a information infrastructure engineer and Cyber Security consultant in the US. I help small businesses defend themselves from attacks in which the majority come from China #1 and Russa #2. We typically hear more about Russia because of the destructive nature of their attacks but China has far more clandestine Cyber Operations that most people never hear of.

With that, I am trying to get the word out that we are literally funding our own attacks. If we can switch from buying our products from China and their allies to US/EU/AU and their allies products then we would lessen the cash flow to these groups that attack us on a daily and even hourly basis.

How do we get the word out? Well your site is a great start but I think we could go much further. As one of the articles on this site talks about, we are not trying to apress an entire demographic, we are trying to take the funding out of the hands of the people doing the most harm.

Getting the word out:
Door to door flyers
Reaching out to our Statesmen and pushing for legislation that puts chinese goods on equal cost valuation as S. Korea, Taiwan, EU, US and other made goods with tariffs. I would like it better if it made it more expensive than Allies made goods but we can only hope.
Posts on Linked in and other professional social media.
Any other suggestions.

Things we would need:
Copy for Flyers
Simple to read an understand information
Copy for Statesmen
Make it easy for people to send to their representatives.
Copy for Social media
Easy to post and fits in the character limits.
Link back to longer articles with all the facts.
All copy need to be verifiable.
Need to stay away from misinformation.
Just the facts.

I know this is a lot to digest for a reply post but I feel like this is the right forum for this.
Also, I have been wanting to do this for a while but cannot do it on my own. I don't think any of us can do it on our own. It is going to take our entire global community.

What do you think?


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Re: Welcome to the Forum for NoToChina.org

Post by Beata Domi »

Rich.evans, you're right about the need to spread the word and raise awareness of this site. I'm thinking that the use of social media would yield the best result, as a single post on Facebook could be shared and re-shared, eventually reaching thousands.
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Re: Welcome to the Forum for NoToChina.org

Post by StarSpangled1 »

Hello to all. I am pleased to know others care about where items we may want to purchase are manufactured. I have been avoiding things made in China for a couple decades and am aware how difficult it is. When I do not find the obvious, I contact the manufacturer or the seller. When shopping in retail places and find majority items not made in USA or a friendly country I mention this issue to a manager or sales person. A great many people do not know how much of our manufacturing has been sent out of the US and how relying on China weakens our country's independence to produce what we need. Thank you for in-depth research and information not easily found on line.
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Re: Welcome to the Forum for NoToChina.org

Post by Ginman »

Steve, Thanks for doing this! It's really important that we support products not made in a country that would love to destroy us. I do my very best to always buy American, but at the very least, NOT China.

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