No to Amazon?

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No to Amazon?

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My question is about Amazon. It is an unmatched leviathan of online shopping.

The founder of this webpage, Steve, has done a great job in highlighting the questionable relationship that Amazon has with the Chinese. That aside, Amazon has brought us to the amazing point in time where with a single mouse click one can buy something as obscure as a three-hole punch and find it conveniently delivered to your door oftentimes on the same day. That we live in a time where this is possible is astounding.

Most of us on this webpage are well aware that personal boycotts that we take against giants like Amazon are like trying to kill an enormous dragon with toothpick scratches. I say this not to take the wind of your sail, just pointing out the truth of the futility that our own small-scale efforts have on this situation. Our best hope lies in that more people will become like minded on the matter and will be persuaded to join us. If that comes to be, the trickle of resentment will swell to a flood that Amazon and other companies that would partner with the Chinese will be unable to ignore.

I say all of that to say this: I'm still going to carry on with my own personal boycott, if only on principle.

I notice that weblinks to shopping pages often go directly to company websites, or to a company out of NYC called "B and H".

I'm assuming that this is this intentional. Can Steve or anyone else comment on this?