Glad to have found this site!

A general discussion board for introducing yourself and talking about general topic about products not made in China.
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Glad to have found this site!

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Hello everyone, I finally, after some searching managed to find how to post a comment (it could be a little easier) but hey, ho, here I am. :D

I am very glad to have found this site because it appear that only me and my husband are concerned, at least in our circle of friends and family, about how China increasingly seems to be taking over the world market in production of goods. I believe that what has happened re Russia's attack on Ukraine should serve as a warning to us, and nations need to become more self-sufficient or, at least, trading with countries that do not have a political agenda to dominate the world market! But, aside from that, the persecution of certain people groups in China should be reason enough to stop this mad scramble for cheap Chinese goods. This is not to say that persecution is not happening elsewhere but no other country is seeking to take over the world's market like China. As has been rightly said, this is not an excuse for racism on any level, in fact, the Chinese people themselves are suffering most, as has already been pointed out.

So, thankyou, I look forward to looking for goods not made in China! :)
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Re: Glad to have found this site!

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Welcome here!
Fighting a lonely battle... People, please stop buying Chinese crap!
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