Wean Off China

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Wean Off China

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I don't think it is currently possible to buy most consumer products that, either entirely or portions, are manufactured in China. Products labeled Made in "an other country than China" is deceptive. Most often the components are made in China and it is only assembled in the labeled country of origin. So Americans can make informed decisions, we need a listing of where components are manufactured. Such as x% (by cost) made in what country. China is not the only concern. There are a host of companies that support China, both politically and economically. We need to know what % of components are manufactured by these countries as well. Perhaps this website has the resources to start that list.
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Re: Wean Off China

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I would prefer not to impose an even heavier burden on manufacturing that will come back to the consumer in cost increases. There is a lot of legal red tape wrapped up in just what to label “made in …” or not label. I would like to rather require ecom stores to report what is already required when shopping in person. And allow a filter for it, if any filter is available at all. I just don’t know what I can do to pressure lawmakers or retailers to do this.
Any suggestions?
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